My A.A Meeting

I went to A.A lastnight and i talked and it felt really good. it was very emotional last night though. i talked about how i dont want to go back to drugs and alcohol when i get out of treatment. i dont want that for myself not at all. i want better. people always told me i was a bad kid and i hated hearing dhat shit cause its like how you can say dhat to a child you kno? but i know i didnt prove dhem wrong cause now im in treatment but i can prove dhem wrong now cause im doin something good wit my life and im more opened minded now and ive changed so many things around you wouldnt even believe it. when i get out im not goin to relapse nor am i goin to set myself up to relapse. i also talked about how i had alot of chances on my homevisit to relapse but you know what i didnt im so glad to say. i wanted to so bad though but im so much into my recovery dhat is not worth it to go back and fuck up my life. im not that type of person no more but i will always be a alcoholic and addict in recovery.

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